Coffee Of The Month Club

Coffee Of The Month Club

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For a unique way to find your favorite coffee, or to just enjoy a delicious new flavor every month, you are sure to enjoy our Coffee of the Month Club.  During the 1st week of each month, a 1 lb. bag of freshly roasted coffee will be shipped straight to your door!  As Cousin Eddie says, "Clark, it's the gift that keeps on giving..."

6 months including Jamaica Blue Mountain                     $199.00

6 months including a Spring or Fall Blend                         $169.00

3 months                                                                                    $89.00

FREE Shipping every month!  Be sure and choose whether you prefer whole bean or ground.

January– Genesis Blend

February – Java

March – Dark Pacific Blend

April – Jamaica Blue Mountain or Spring Blend (depending upon the package you choose)

May – Brazil

June - Guatemala

July - Genesis Blend

August - Java

September - Dark Pacific Blend

October - Jamaica Blue Mountain or Autumn Blend (depending upon the package you choose)

November - Brazil

December - Guatemala